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4 Rings Ltd roots stem back to 1998, 4 Rings started trading as a mobile service provider for Audi vehicles in October 2006.
We aim to provide a very high standard and value for money professional service.
We have a combined total of 45 years working with Audi cars.
Although we still operate a mobile service, we perform the majority of repairs at our workshop location in Dartford.
Our garage location is ideally situated between Dartford and Crayford railway stations. It is 3 minutes from Junction 1a of the M25.
It is a cab ride from Bluewater. A comfortable waiting area is available if preferred.
Free Phone: 0800 3579077
Office Phone: 01322 274298



from £75.00 inc VAT

upto 1.2lt interim service


Air Conditioning

Re Gas / Servicing



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Diagnostics & Repairs


Timing Belt Replacement


Audi Service Dartford

Welcome to 4Rings Dartford and first of all, let me take this opportunity to thank you for choosing us for your specialist Audi servicing needs. Your business means everything to us and we are happy to keep serving the local community and bringing the service we offer to you.

As an Audi recognised independent workshop and garage, we are dedicated to offering a wide range of services and options to not only keep you and your Audi on the road, but to also continue to serve Audi owners and maintain a sterling level of service.

Proper and professional vehicle servicing is important and getting it done right the first time is our ethos at 4Rings. There is a certain level of trust which needs to be established from the start and we will do everything in our power to keep that trust. This is evident in the amount of referral business we receive and we wouldn’t trade that for anything.

Our qualified and licenced technicians are of the highest quality and have the training and equipment necessary to conduct any level of servicing on your Audi. From there, any repairs or issues that arise are discussed in detail with our customers before anything further is done to the vehicle.

We back what we say with a transparent and simple to understand pricing structure which is applied to all of our services. We here at 4Rings Dartford, are not in the business of surprising our customers with work that was not discussed or adding “extras” once we have you in the workshop. If a service is carried out and additional work is required, we will go through all of it with you in a detailed format so that you have full visibility and trust knowing that you are dealing with professionals every step of the way.

Frequently asked questions about 4Rings Audi specialist servicing:

What type of service do you offer for my Audi?

We here at 4Rings, offer a wide range of service packages designed to meet every need for any Audi vehicle from A1 to R8. Our technicians and support staff would be happy to help guide you through what packages are available and help tailor match a level of servicing to your individual requirement. From lubrication to Major, we have a solution that will be sure to work for you.

4 Rings Ltd

Audi Diagnostic

Recent Reviews (taken from 5 reviews)

Absolutely the best audi garage around. Honest, trustworthy and can solve any problem. Will worth traveling to. And they're all lovely guys (and ladies) too.
Dean's been repairing and servicing my TT's for about three years now. Every single time a top job - totally honest and a great bloke who knows his stuff. Today he worked through a list of jobs on my coupe to look for issues relating to a cam timing fault code. All was fine but in the process he fixed an oil leak, sorted out my heated seats, replaced the main cooling fan and removed the door cards to fix window switches that hadn't been fitted properly - a long day but he tirelessly worked through the list until it was done and I'm so happy. I've had crap service and been bullshitted in the past by other Indies who are local to me. It's a 1.5 hour drive to have Dean work on my car but the peace of mind to know that it is him working on it is priceless. Thanks for today Dean - Top stuff as usual.

Audi Diagnostics Dartford

At 4Rings Dartford, we are an Audi recognised independent workshop and we have the latest in Audi diagnostic equipment and software. We are able to quickly determine any potential issues with your complex Audi electrics and internal computer systems. We also have all of the Audi model vehicle codes so we can also Reprogramme your old key or program a new one and troubleshoot any potential issues or faults.

We use the latest in computer fault diagnostic testing equipment and are our qualified technicians are trained to find any issues quickly and efficiently. The software we use is consistently updated to reflect new release standards from Audi and by using the technology we have available, we are able to find out the source of those warning lights in 4 Rings Ltdaddition to any other electrical issues that may arise.

The main advantage of using the local diagnostic service at 4Rings Dartford is that in most cases, the computer checks are done at a much lower cost than that of your main Audi dealer and most checks are fully completed in under an hour.

If you see any type of warning light come on, that means that your vehicle has detected an electrical fault from one of its many internal sensors. If not addressed properly, this can lead to serious issues in the future and stand to cost you a substantial amount of money in the long haul.

At 4Rings Dartford, we are proud to offer our customers the very best in full scale Audi computer diagnostics so call us straight away if you are seeing any type of warning light come on and don’t delay – a small and easy fix can snowball into something serious if left unattended.

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Audi tyres Dartford

Your Audi deserves the very best in specialist tyres and at 4Rings Dartford, we stock a variety of specialist tyres to meet your needs. Our specialist technicians are always on hand to discuss your needs and bring an incredible amount of specialist knowledge with them to 4Rings Dartford. From all-season to specialist sport performance tyres, we have everything to hand that you might need regardless of model.

Our qualified technicians are trained in all areas of tyre replacement and balancing in addition to having many years of experience behind them from main Audi dealers. It is the experience that they bring to our shop that makes our business special and we make sure that is made available to you.

It is important that you also be aware of some of the causes that contribute to tyre damage so that you can keep yourself safe on the road. Spotting damage before it becomes an issue gives you the upper hand and will give you the chance to do something about it before things get worse.

Tyres that are damaged or not fit for the road will affect your ability to steer, brake and manoeuvre properly which could ultimately put you or your family in unnecessary danger. Take a few minutes to do a thorough check for signs of fraying or bulging and measure the depth of the tread itself. If you can see visible signs of damage or the depth is shallow, get booked in to see the team in Dartford.

Excessive tyre wear can be avoided and here are some of the most over looked things you can look out for to keep your wheels fit and running for longer.

• Over-Inflation – When you inflated your tyres past the recommended PSI, you are at risk of bulging at the sides which will start to generate small cracks and tears along the sides of the tyres. Weather can also have a large impact on over inflated tyres when it comes to changes in temperature.

• Under-inflation – This can cause some problems, not only in your car handling, but also generate excessive wear along the centre of the tread.

• Old brakes or shock absorbers – This can lead a bald spot appearing on your wheel and will lower a tyres natural life expectancy.

If you notice any signs of wear and tear, don’t hesitate to call on one of our qualified technicians to discuss options and book an appointment to have the tyres inspected.

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4 Rings Ltd

4 Rings Ltd

Gearbox Repairs

4 Rings Ltd

4 Rings Ltd4 Rings Ltd

Audi Gearbox Repair Dartford

Your Audi gearbox will require a specific skill set and knowledge base in order to fix it properly. At 4Rings Dartford, our specialist team are perfect for any sized job from a gearbox examination to full transmission repair. With our combined years of experience and vast knowledge of the inner workings of all Audi range gearboxes and transmissions, we are able to offer an efficient and cost effective transmission repair service.

From Tiptronic automatic to manual transmissions, the team at 4Rings Dartford have you covered. Our qualified and fully trained technicians bring an incredible amount of knowledge from Audi dealers and all have many years of experience under their belt when it comes to gearbox and transmission repair so you are in good hands.

Over time, you may start to notice several issues with your clutch or gearbox. These issues can arise suddenly as a result of not shifting properly or through wear and tear on the gearbox.

Some common faults are:

  • Hard Shifting – This incudes gearing up or down aggressively which over time will grind the gears themselves.
  • Gear Noise – If you are hearing noise coming from the gearbox as you are changing gears, then you have an issue within the gearbox.
  • Gear Slippage – When you are shifting gears and you fall out of gear from time to time then the gears could be damaged or rounded
  • Hard Clutch – Riding the clutch or not shifting properly will lead to transmission problems and worn out clutches.

It is important that you are constantly mindful of these issues and do something to fix them as soon as you can. If left unattended, these issues could lead to large scale engine trouble or transmission replacement.

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