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At 4Rings Dartford, we are an Audi recognised independent workshop and we have the latest in Audi diagnostic equipment and software. We are able to quickly determine any potential issues with your complex Audi electrics and internal computer systems. We also have all of the Audi model vehicle codes so we can also Reprogramme your old key or program a new one and troubleshoot any potential issues or faults.

We use the latest in computer fault diagnostic testing equipment and are our qualified technicians are trained to find any issues quickly and efficiently. The software we use is consistently updated to reflect new release standards from Audi and by using the technology we have available, we are able to find out the source of those warning lights in 4 Rings Ltdaddition to any other electrical issues that may arise.

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The main advantage of using the local diagnostic service at 4Rings Dartford is that in most cases, the computer checks are done at a much lower cost than that of your main Audi dealer and most checks are fully completed in under an hour.

If you see any type of warning light come on, that means that your vehicle has detected an electrical fault from one of its many internal sensors. If not addressed properly, this can lead to serious issues in the future and stand to cost you a substantial amount of money in the long haul.

At 4Rings Dartford, we are proud to offer our customers the very best in full scale Audi computer diagnostics so call us straight away if you are seeing any type of warning light come on and don’t delay – a small and easy fix can snowball into something serious if left unattended.

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