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Elite athletes wear the shoes designed for their sport so an elite car needs the best, specialist tyres.

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Spot Problems Early

It is important that you also be aware of some of the causes that contribute to tyre damage so that you can keep yourself safe on the road. Spotting damage before it becomes an issue gives you the upper hand and will give you the chance to do something about it before things get worse.

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Be Aware

Tyres that are damaged or not fit for the road will affect your ability to steer, brake and manoeuvre properly which could ultimately put you or your family in unnecessary danger.

Look For Signs Of:

If you can see visible signs of damage or the depth is shallow, get booked in to see the team in Dartford.

Keep An Eye Out For.

Excessive tyre wear can be avoided and here are some of the most over looked things you can look out for to keep your wheels fit and running for longer.


Some tyre issues as well as being dangerous are also illegal and will fail your MOT so at any of these signs book yourself in to 4 Rings to get them checked out or replaced.

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