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Your Audi deserves the very best in specialist tyres and at 4Rings Dartford, we stock a variety of specialist tyres to meet your needs. Our specialist technicians are always on hand to discuss your needs and bring an incredible amount of specialist knowledge with them to 4Rings Dartford. From all-season to specialist sport performance tyres, we have everything to hand that you might need regardless of model.

Our qualified technicians are trained in all areas of tyre replacement and balancing in addition to having many years of experience behind them from main Audi dealers. It is the experience that they bring to our shop that makes our business special and we make sure that is made available to you.

It is important that you also be aware of some of the causes that contribute to tyre damage so that you can keep yourself safe on the road. Spotting damage before it becomes an issue gives you the upper hand and will give you the chance to do something about it before things get worse.

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Tyres that are damaged or not fit for the road will affect your ability to steer, brake and manoeuvre properly which could ultimately put you or your family in unnecessary danger. Take a few minutes to do a thorough check for signs of fraying or bulging and measure the depth of the tread itself. If you can see visible signs of damage or the depth is shallow, get booked in to see the team in Dartford.

Excessive tyre wear can be avoided and here are some of the most over looked things you can look out for to keep your wheels fit and running for longer.

• Over-Inflation – When you inflated your tyres past the recommended PSI, you are at risk of bulging at the sides which will start to generate small cracks and tears along the sides of the tyres. Weather can also have a large impact on over inflated tyres when it comes to changes in temperature.

• Under-inflation – This can cause some problems, not only in your car handling, but also generate excessive wear along the centre of the tread.

• Old brakes or shock absorbers – This can lead a bald spot appearing on your wheel and will lower a tyres natural life expectancy.

If you notice any signs of wear and tear, don’t hesitate to call on one of our qualified technicians to discuss options and book an appointment to have the tyres inspected.

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