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Quick and reliable Audi diagnostic tests in Dartford

A diagnostic test is the quickest and easiest way to get to the bottom of that pesky problem you’ve been experiencing. We use state-of-the-art equipment to interpret any error messages your Audi’s on-board computers are reporting and find a solution to restore your vehicle to its maximum performance. Every diagnostic test we carry out is time efficient as they only take thirty to sixty minutes to complete. If we find out you need any further specialist Audi repairs, we’ll happily carry them out for you – but not without receiving your full permission first.

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A reputation for being an approachable customer-focused Audi specialist

We’re proud to be a cornerstone for the Audi community in Dartford and the surrounding area as well as a garage which rivals the traditional Audi dealerships for quality of service and sheer affordability. Since 2006, we’ve helped a wide variety of customers leave our garage satisfied after their diagnostic tests. That’s our passion and it’s a passion we hope is shown in the work we carry out on each and every vehicle which passes through our garage in Dartford. If it’s a passion you share, why not choose us next time your Audi needs a mechanic?

When’s the best time to book a diagnostic test for my Audi?

Fixing problems early minimises the disruption to your life so we recommend booking a diagnostic test once a year, just like a check-up with your dentist. However, if you ever notice an illuminated dashboard warning light or a drop-off in the performance of your Audi, don’t hesitate to book a diagnostic test with 4 Rings Ltd in Dartford. As a quality alternative to a traditional Audi dealership, we’ll treat you and your car with the expert care and attention you both deserve as well as delivering exceptional results.

It’s never been easier to book a diagnostic test with us!

Here at 4 Rings Ltd, we believe that convenience is key. We introduced our online booking tool for that exact reason – you can now book an appointment with us in seconds. Just enter your registration number and when you’d like your diagnostic test to be, whatever time of day it is, wherever you are. What’s more, it’s completely free to use, so the only time you’ll be asked for payment details is after all the work has been carried out.

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