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It’s time to regain control of your Audi with a quality tyre replacement

Tyres are crucial to keeping you in control of your vehicle and, as a result, safe on the roads. Sometimes, your tyres can become worn or damaged without you realising it, increasing your chances of an accident. We always recommend keeping an eye on your tyres and making sure you have enough tread depth - 1.6 mm or more - and that there are no blisters, noticeable worn patches of rubber or bald spots on the surface. If you ever notice any of these on your Audi, you know who to book with.

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Fast, high-quality tyre replacements are waiting in Dartford

We’ve got 45 years’ experience under our belts so, with 4 Rings Ltd, there’s never any fuss when it comes to changing a tyre. In fact, you can wait on site while we carry out the process! Our tyres suit a range of budgets and all makes and models of Audi. We’ve made sure they can all match the premium quality you expect from such a high-end vehicle, just like you’d get from a traditional Audi dealership. So, why not book your next tyre replacement with us today?

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Keeping the Audi community of Dartford moving

We love Audis. We always have, ever since we were a mobile mechanic service in Dartford. It’s that passion and dedication to quality customer service and tyre replacements that has seen us become the Audi specialist garage of choice for a wide range of drivers, even those who have to travel further to get to us. We’re humbled to have such a standing in our field and are determined to keep on growing in order to keep all our customers, present and future, one hundred percent satisfied with all our work.

We’ve taken all the stress out of booking with an Audi specialist

We know that customers want convenience, so gone are the days of unnecessary delay. Our online booking tool makes it unbelievably easy to book an appointment, whatever time of day it is, wherever you happen to be. All you need to enter is your registration number and when you’d like your tyre replacement to be – nothing more. We’ll only ask for payment after your appointment, so you know exactly what you’re paying for and know that you’re getting the very best price. What traditional Audi dealership could give you that?

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